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  Welcome!! Natural Healing in Taumarunui, Ruapefu.


  What's on about us:

Event in Taumarunui


- Let's have Yoga time at out side with a nice air. Where, when ...


- Every Friday at 7pm - 7:45 pm, group healing in Taumarunui ....


- Twice a month, come for Reiki healing.    ....  Special price, more 


- We open Noriko Healing room in Taumarunui. ....  Map/Location



Therapy in Taumarunui

- Meditation for Stress or Sudden Shock                   .... look more


- How ever defference are Kundalini Yoga & Reiki?   .... read more


Healing in Taumarunui


- Sound, breathing, exhale, inhale, .... & more,  you can do what?


- Phobia(fear), Kalma, & spiritual .... ?                      .... read more


Spirits in Taumarunui

- What is Kirtan Kriya? Learn it & use it.                   .... read more


- You may be interested in subjects. You will recover your health.

                                                                                                      .... read more


You might be interested in subjects? 

 - Character of happy persons ..... read more  New!

 - The "Liver set for HEPATITIS" ........ read more


 - How ever difference are Kundalini Yoga & Reiki? New!


 - Chakra New!


 - Why stress? - 1


 - Why stress? - 2


 - Breathing story - 1


 - Breathing story - 2 


 - Breathing story - 3  New!


 - Breathing story - 4  New!    

 - My location isTaumarunui, look Map.

 - Face Book: Noriko Kikuchi, events & news


 - Go to the page.


 We tell more?


Do you know Hypnotherapy of Noriko?

- How does Hypnotherapy work? NEW!

- Hypnotherapy is a wonderful relaxation. NEW!

- Hypnotherapy is wonderful. NEW!


Do you know Kundalini Yoga class of Noriko?

- On 2nd/Sep. Fri. Event for unhealthy person .... read more   finished. Thank you.

- Kundalini Yoga short hours lesson course in Taumarunui. How to do?  New!

- How to make healthy liver?  New!

- July, Kundalini Yoga lesson is for the liver. Do you feel tired? finished. Thank you.

- Yogi tea. NEW!

- Kirtan Kriya? Learn it & use it. New !

- How to success to understanding Kundalini Yoga? New!

- What can you learn from Noriko's yoga lessons? NEW! W

- Do you like to do yoga at home with YouTube?  NEW!

- Kundalini Yoga is gentle movement?  NEW!

- Kundalini Yoga is not only exercise. NEW!

- GENKI energy from Noriko's Kundalini Yoga class. NEWfinished. Thank you.

- Kundalini Yoga makes powerful energy.  NEW!

- Slow movement "GENKI-UNDO & MEDITATION" is opened,       finished. thank you.

- "For wake up" Kriya. 

- Always upgrade to the "Yoga Tips" page.  How wonderful Kundalini Yoga is!! 


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Do you know Reiki Healing of Noriko?


- This event is "For unhealthy persons".  At Taumarunui .... finished, thank you

- Meditation for your kids in school holiday.  finished. Thank you

- Noriko's client says ......  More....     NEW!

- If you would like to learn Reiki, and you are interested in course.    NEW!

- What is Reiki  NEW!

- Reiki class & healing lessons view.   NEW!  

- Japanese Reiki teaching is a little bit deferent from other teaching.   NEW!

- Get your Reiki up grade, from Reiki Re-attunment from Noriko.      NEW!

- Always upgrade to the "Reiki Tips". Reiki is hands on & off & also links the spirit.

Do you know Meditatiom class of Noriko?

- It is amazing meditation; KIRTAN KRIYA, NEW!         

- "LOVE" meditation till Valentine's day at Taumarunui my studio. NEW!

- Every Wednesday  Meditation class.   Finished, Thank you.

- For kids meditation.  Finished, & join again for next season. Thank you.


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Noriko Kikuchi of KIKUART

      >> You may interest in more "About healer & teacher, Noriko 

                            Kikuchi". check later .

Noriko → Reiki healer/teacher&master → Kundalini Yoga teaching →

Hypnotherapist → Inner child card reading therapist ← near Whangarei city


Noriko is licensed teacher of Reiki, Kundalini Yoga and Dressmaking.

Her experience of Reiki, Kundalini Yoga and Dressmaking are a richness!

Reiki healing and Kundalini Yoga are a great Self-Healing way.
Dressmaking lesson with Noriko give a lot of creation to you.

Noriko is doing Reiki Hearing & Yoga therapy for you.

-Reiki Certificated Master/Teacher
-Reiki Inc Member in New Zealand
-Kundalini Yoga Certificated teacher of 3HO in US
-Kundalini yoga Certification Teacher of Alliance in US

-Hypnotherapy Certificated Therapist & it's member of Japan
-Dressmaking Certificated Teacher of Japan


-Noriko learned the Inner-child card in 2010 year.

-Noriko was learning the hypnotic therapy 2011 year.

What is your philosophy of life?

Noriko says, ''The nature is my teacher''.


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What can you learn at KIKUART?


  New Information - 1

   KIKUART has four characterized studio.

  - One is a teaching Reiki & Reiki therapy.

  - The second is a teaching Kundalini yoga techniques and Yoga therapy.

  - The third is Hypnotherapy sessions.

  - Forth is teaching Meditation technique.

    You can see every information, fees, hours and free appointment.



    contact us.



- Yoga classes

What is kundalini yoga?

Kundalini Yoga is the most inclusive of all yoga practices as it includes all aspects of

Yoga within its teachings.

In this practice, there are 8.4 million more Kriyas. Kriya means sets or completed sequences. These Kriyas are made up of Pranayamas (breathing), Asanas (postures), Mudras (hand positions), Mantras (chanting), Bandhs (body locks), and Meditation.

As a Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) Certified Teacher of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D., and a member with professional standing of the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association (IKYTA). Noriko purpose is to provide quality tuition for the benefit of any person who has a sincere desire to learn this original style of yogic science.

Noriko teach the techniques;

With practice, slowly work up to the designated times; the times are shown to provide you with a goal.

Would you like to be healthy?

Would you like to be peaceful mental balance?

Would you like to allay inner anger?

Would you like to take away overcoming tiredness and beyond stress?

Kundalini Yoga techniques and meditations are excellent, fast-acting for Self-Healing. Noriko feels through her experiment for 25 years more.

Other is addiction, arthritis, asthma,blood pressure, low blood pressure, rehabilitation of drug, depression, insomnia, mental tiredness, premenstrual syndrome and .....


If you have questions, please contact us.


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- Reiki classes

As a certified Master and Teacher of Usui Reiki and the Usui System of Natural


My purpose is to provide quality tuition for the benefit of any person who has a sincere desire to learn the methods of this healing art.

Reiki is a wonderful tool to use through one's life and we highly recommend it.

Reiki is s imple, So many people like Reiki.



- Hypnotherapy sessions 

   How can you find a hypnotherapist?

   Most hypnotherapists are licensed medical doctors, registered nurses, social

    workers, or family counselors who have received additional training in


    A high level of trust is required to ensure a good outcome.

    Noriko is a certificated Hypnotherapist in Japan.


    As a Hypnotherapist, Noriko is still gaining experience, however, because of 

    her long experience in Kundalini Yoga therapy. She is confident to

    use hypnotherapy.

    Hypnotherapy needs relaxation.

    Noriko would like to say that Yoga is "primary human philosophy”. 

    “This philosophy connects psychology, hypnotherapy and many other kinds

    of subject”.

    "Yoga is a science, not only excise, stretch or wellness”.

    Hypnotherapy need relaxation.

    She gives relaxation very well using Yoga technique.


    Dependent client, recently Mrs. Mary had Noriko's Hypnotherapy for insomnia.

    She had done only one time.


    Come and try Noriko's hypnotherapy session.


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- Meditation classes

Meditation is cleaning of mind.

We need to practiece since childfood through your parent.



About Us?

Established in 1996, KIKUART has earned a reputation for excellence in the teaching of ladies' tailoring and dressmaking-lessons, plus quality private tuition in the art of Reiki Healing and the science of Kundalini Yoga.

A veteran teacher of many years in both Japan and New Zealand, Noriko Kikuchi's extensive knowledge and experience inspires her students to achieve quality results. Being bilingual, Noriko teaches fluently in both English and Japanese.

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